Lab meeting 10/15 abstract

1. What is the problem?
Obesity and related health issues rates continue to rise and understanding the contributions of the gut microbiota area is a relatively new field that may offer novel management of the disease.

2. 1-2 sentences. What your research proposes to do/to study the problem.
Previously, fecal samples were collected from 39 patients on resistant and non-resistant starch diets and the 16sRNA genes were sequenced through hiseq high throughput sequencing.

3. How/methods (2 sentences)
These sequences will be used to identify changes of microbial diversity in response to diet through non-parametric analysis,

4. 2 sentences on preliminary results
Because the short length of the diet, it is expected that only specific individuals that are high-responders will have a shift in microbial diversity.

5. Conclusion- what does this data mean and why is it important?
This study can provide future novel biomarkers for obesity and insight on potential gut microbes for pre and probiotic therapies.

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