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Lab meeting 10/29

Ideas for crowd sourcing Turn in form and cc. Dr. L Send abstract to Dr. L Results from heatmapping and nmds Nmds-not seeing clustering, either due to not being robust enough or just need a different type of visualization Procrustes … Continue reading

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PC-ORD:nMDS and R:heatmaps

PC-ORD Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling and Correlations Imported Main Matrix “MM” sheet from “PCORD_only_Base.xlsx” Imported Environmental “EM” sheet from “PCORD_only_Base.xlsx” Ran analysis: Ordination|NMS|autopilot/Slow & thorough Took about 20 min. No option to “Graph Ordination”. Graphed NMS Scree Plot. Not exactly sure … Continue reading

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Lab meeting 10/15 abstract

Abstract 1. What is the problem? Obesity and related health issues rates continue to rise and understanding the contributions of the gut microbiota area is a relatively new field that may offer novel management of the disease. 2. 1-2 sentences. … Continue reading

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PC ORD meeting 10/12

Stats wish list 1. nmds 2. correlation between nmds and bacterial profiles vector analysis pearson correlation 3. ISA-indicator species analysis which species are characteristic of baseline and which correlate with glucose 4. Network analysis robust method, not just pretty picture … Continue reading

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Lab meeting 10/08

Notes otu table-otu vs. sample qiime to pc ord compare samples based on nmds pearson’s correlation- metadata correlated with nmds, vector direction quantify amount of target in sample Things to do in future meeting on wednesday for figuring out …….. … Continue reading

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