Meeting with Dr. Lamendella #2

Things we figured out

  • metadata ID names are some combination of RS number, visit etc. separated by dots.
  • metadata after baseline is on computer at Lamendella’s house. Should receive by end of the day.

Things we need to do for report

  1. put together spreadsheet of metadata of change-insulin, glucose, body fat, age, gendery, ethnicity
  2. anovas from chori (Dr. Lamendella)
  3. summary stats of sequencing-sequences per sample vs. total QC’ed quality

Tests that we can perform in the future-

  • non metric multidimensional scaling-PC-ORD
  • pearson correlation-correlate human metadata and bacteria profile
  • ANOVA-which metadata characters are significantly dif between groups
  • ISA-indicator species analysis-which species correlate with which diet and group


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